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The Client

Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust
Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust provides acute hospital services for the people of Gateshead and some specialist services for people from the wider region.

Baydale Control Systems Ltd was appointed by the Trust in 2000 to address their need for an extensive dual-site CCTV system for two hospitals, The Queen Elizabeth and Bensham, located over two miles apart.

Strategy and Action
Having concluded that conventional transmission via copper cabling would be inappropriate over such a large distance Baydale designed a solution which links the two hospitals by ISDN technology integrated into the overall control system. A combination of short copper routes combined with fibre optic cable transmission were used for the main spine of the system. An entire fibre optic cable network was installed to 7 nodes throughout the site and cameras linked to each node for onward transmission to the control room.

High-end quality cameras were chosen for their ability to operate without the use of infrared lighting thereby providing the benefits of colour both night and day. All cameras are fitted with location presets and are DC variable speed allowing complete control at low and high speeds. The functionality of the system is further enhanced by the inclusion of presets on the camera lenses which allow automatic positioning and patrolling to be undertaken. Digital recording devices were put in place to provide high-quality images which do not degrade.

The provision of an integrated, feature-rich CCTV system has given Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust enhanced security capability throughout its two largest hospital sites. The system combines flexibility, reliability and exceptional end-image quality with straightforward operational requirements to provide a high-quality, intelligent solution which is simple to manage.