Baydale Control Systems donates £2000 to NESWF

The North East Sex Work Forum (NESWF)are a northeast based charity who support people involved in or exploited through the sex industry. They have extensive experience of working alongside people within the industry developing services/support and raising awareness through research, predominantly peer led, regarding the difficulties sex workers can face to access services, report violence and fight the stigma they can face daily in their lives. We are dedicated to improving multi-agency working and ethical responses to sex work related matters by informing regional and national policy and ensuring a shared model of excellence is adhered to regarding service provision and education.

Our donation will allow NESWF to reach out further across Cleveland, where there are a large cohort of vulnerable people who enter the industry due to such issues as poverty, addiction and homelessness. The donation means they can continue to develop their website which provides a platform for sex workers and frontline practitioners to connect; to provide opportunities for those within the industry to be involved in project development regarding their own needs; and provide much needed education to services across the region ensuring their services are relevant and easily accessible.

For further information and to read more about our work please access their website here 

Without such funding they would cease to operate, so please consider a donation to help this amazing cause.