Door Entry

Installation of systems ranging from single entrance applications to multi entrance/multi sites systems controlling access


Baydale have considerable experience working with a wide selection of products from digital keypads and proximity readers, to high security devices such as biometric readers and scramble keypads. Baydale have installed systems ranging from single entrance applications to multi entrance/multi sites systems controlling access not only to doors, and traffic barriers, but also critical and dangerous machinery.

We also install and maintain systems to offer even more security enabling fobs to be programmed remotely eliminating the need to travel to site saving time and money and improving the service provided to residents. Cloud based systems will integrate with existing or new door entry systems with quick and simple fob administration.

Examples of Systems we have installed to date include:

  • Video Door Entry – CCTV connected to door entry systems which can be linked to a monitor or network enabling you to confirm a visitors identify before allowing access.
  • Stand Alone Access Control – can be via coded keypad, biometric reader, proximity reader or a radio receiver which is connected to a locking device on the door, usually a magnetic lock or an electronic lock release. A system may consist of a single door or many individual doors across a site or an estate with any fobs or cards being used needing to be programmed into each reader.
  • Networked Access Control – regulate access to specific areas of buildings/offices/hospitals etc by using a networked system. Doors will only be released when an authorised fob is presented to the reader enabling you to stay in control of site safety and security.

Other examples of benefits include:

  • Full management reporting facilities for end user management and tracking
  • Integration with payroll systems for improved business productivity
  • Integration with fire alarm systems for accurate muster list reporting
  • Integration with CCTV systems for visual verification
  • System control via smartphone applications including the ability to grant access when off-site

All systems installed are certified in line with the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) to ensure compliance with the standards.

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