Design, Installation & Commissioning

Our designers are among the best in the business, with unmatched understanding of design theory and practical implementation.

Bespoke SSAIB Compliant Design & Installation

Their unrivalled knowledge of the latest security products and pragmatic whole-system design approach means you can be certain of receiving a completely bespoke, robust and effective security solution that completely satisfies your requirements and meets your practical expectations.

Our philosophy of integration makes eventual operation simpler, combining legacy equipment with new technology to provide the most cost-effective solution to meet your security needs.

We aim to make the installation process is as trouble-free as possible and our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers ensures minimal disruption to you and your business. When you deal with Baydale you can be assured of a first-class service from knowledgeable and courteous individuals, and an installation which meets the agreed specification.

Our commissioning process is compliant with SSAIB requirements which means it is rigorous, thorough and designed to ensure your system works exactly as anticipated. Depending on the scale of the system, this could be a relatively straightforward check on operational effectiveness and a training session so that you can enjoy a seamless launch, or a more involved process that is undertaken in several phases in order to allow multiple parts of a complex integrated system to become operational sequentially.

Where a system has been installed for a project won via a competitive tender, our commissioning process and reporting is undertaken in such a way as to fulfil the criteria of the tender document.

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