We have taken some very specific steps to increase the operational resilience of the company.  We will maintain our vigilance and continually improve our control systems to meet the challenges of this virus.


The situation surrounding COVID-19 is under constant review – Baydale will continue to review all documentation issued to ensure continued compliance and adherence to guidance. At present, until such time as we are advised otherwise, we are operating in line with government and public health guidance and guidance/information provided by individual clients in terms of how we approach jobs and how we manage our day-to-day office operations.


Office Working

In line with Government guidance, where possible and practicable, staff continue to work remotely. Our offices are covid secure and we have made the necessary arrangements to ensure all staff can work safely.

Engineering Operations

Although we are in uncertain times, we want to reassure you that we are committed to providing services to all our clients whilst ensuring the wellbeing of our employees, clients, and their residents/customers at all times. We have assessed our operational activities and priorities and continue to deliver all services in line with statutory, legal and client requirements whilst also ensuring compliance with COVID legislation and guidance.

All contractual requirements are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ascertain individual circumstances and we continue to review each request accordingly. We continue to contact all sites in advance of field engineers attending appointments to ascertain the status without causing alarm or distress to the residents/customers, etc. Where possible, jobs are delayed, provided these are not life critical or may have a detrimental impact on the safety, security, and wellbeing of the residents/customers.

All our engineers attend site in individual vehicles and are provided with all necessary PPE to enable them to undertake their duties efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Client Meetings

To maintain social distancing and to protect both our staff and that of clients, we are utilising video or telephone conference facilities to maintain contact and support delivery of contracts. Where site visits/meetings are necessary, our staff will comply with current COVID protocol.

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